Pricing - StudioFive-O

2016 Prices are $40 an hour Canadian with a 4 hour minimum ($160 plus GST for a 4 hour session). This is the total price not an individual price so if you and a friend come up you can split it two ways.

I do individual trips; the boat we use is 16.5 feet and low to the water for nice angles when shooting. One or two photographers works great, we can and have done 3 photographers in the boat.

If you wanted to come with a larger group I do have a bigger boat that could easily accommodate 4 photographers but you would be shooting a little higher off the water.

2017 Prices - Our prices have not risen since we started 5 years ago and all of my costs have so I need to have a small increase to cover them.

The 4 hour minimum tour will be $175 plus GST , extended time will be $45 an hour plus GST.

If you booked a full day- 4 hours morning, 4 hours afternoon the total cost would be $350 plus GST.

(GST is a federal tax that I have to pay,  visitors from outside Canada can claim to have it refunded)