Mike and Bert at our home

Both Mike and Natalie are experienced professional photographers whose work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and books. Their prints grace the walls of many private collectors. As well they do commercial photography, weddings, portraits and teach photography.

We moved to Kamloops in 2010 returning to Natalie’s hometown. Not too long after moving to Kamloops we were returning from a photo shoot and ran into a group of cowboys moving cattle in the Lac DuBois Grasslands. Of course, we stopped and took pictures. This started the long journey that brings us to where we are today. I was a city kid and really had no idea that there were still cowboys working in much the same manner as the original grassland settlers of our area. I was hooked from both a photographic perspective and the desire to fulfill that childhood dream of becoming a cowboy. I started by just hanging around, taking pictures and pitching in and volunteering to help. It took a few years but I built up enough trust and goodwill to get to jump on one of the horses and tag along. As I spent more time on horseback it seemed a horse purchase was required and then, of course, we needed to buy property to keep the horse on. As all of this was going on I was operating Crazy About Loons Photo Tours, guiding clients to photograph the incredible variety of birds we have in our beautiful area. Crazy About Loons is still operating and always fully booked for the peak period. I am still going to ride as much as I can and take photographs on horseback, we think though that we can offer to others the chance for these photo opportunities without having to put in all the time, money and effort; or having to ride a horse. We are expanding the tour and workshop business to include the opportunity to photograph the cowboy and western heritage of our area. This will be our first year providing the cowboy workshops and tours and we are very excited about it.

Mike and Raven