The Photo Ranch

Studio Five-O has moved out to the country! It is a beautiful place to live but photography was definitely on our minds when we selected this location. We have over 20 acres of grassland which provides great outdoor shooting locations. In addition the property has an almost 3000 square foot shop half of which is now our new studio and classroom location. And to top it off we have a large rustic barn which in addition to storing our saddles and hay makes another great shooting location.  Wonderful natural light and power if required.

The Photo Ranch will also be home base for Crazy About Loons Photo Tours , as a bonus to our time out on the lakes we will be able to shoot from photo blinds on the property. Visiting and nesting on the property are many species including but certainly not limited to: Mountain Bluebirds, Northern Flickers, Kestrels, Red Tail Hawks, Short Eared Owls and Great Horned Owls.